Positive Results

A high school friend of mine passed away from a heart attack two weeks shy of her 30th birthday. I ate to numb the pain because I am an emotional eater. However, one day I stopped eating and realized I am 30 years old, 250 lbs, morbidly obese, and I do not want to die yet. I attempted to lose weight on my own and in five months. I only lost 17 pounds… I realized I need professional help. I have never worked out a day in my life yet I took some good advice from a friend and signed up at Rawmana Fitness. Rawmana Fitness is not your typical gym. Rawmana’s trainers are committed to the overall wellbeing of their students. They have taught me nutrition, proper technique in my daily workouts, and what healthy living entails. Kirk, Justin, and Siaosi have helped me discover my hidden strengths and even my unknown weaknesses. It truly blows my mind that I was able to run my first half marathon in less than a year of training. Today I am stronger mentally and physically. I truly believe my life has been completely transformed by this most gratifying experience.


Well let me catch you up to about 3 weeks ago, I realized that my weight on the scale has basically FLATLINED! I haven’t been losing weight but I haven’t been gaining either! It was a cause of concern for me cause of all of the hard work I have been doing and even voiced my concerns to my trainers Siaosi, Justin, and Kirk. They all told me to relax and not to worry about it because this was something new for my body, (the working out part that is!)

Hula Ramos

Training with Siaosi @ Rawmana has changed my life. I was never interested in working out with a trainer before because I am an athlete, stubborn, and never thought it would be beneficial. One day in April, I realized that I was 25 pounds over weight, and nothing was working, so I asked Siaosi for help. It has been a slow process, but I am totally committed, and it’s finally paying off. I’m stronger, no longer in pain with my bad knee and ankles, and my surfing is getting better. Mahalo Nui Loa!


Is anyone interested about weight LOSS and getting OFF your lazy ASS (Joking), check out, “Siaosi VEIMAU”, also known as, “RAWMANA FITNESS”.com!!! I am a true testimony of his training…..HE’s AWESOME!!!!

Joseph Satoa-Taumua