V02 Sub Max Testing

What is V02 Sub-Max Testing?

VO2 Sub-Max Testing, also known as oxygen uptake testing, measures the rate at which you consume oxygen in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body weight per minute of exercise (or ml/Kg/min). This test is the ultimate measure of fitness and offers a wealth of information including overall cardiovascular fitness level, personal target heart rate zones, how many calories you burn in these zones, your anaerobic threshold, and how well your body recovers after exercise.

Why should I take this test?

With all the specific information you will receive from the test about your body’s endurance levels and how your body burns calories, you will know which zones to train in to reach your goals.* If, for example, your primary goal is fat loss, it is important to know at what heart rate you achieve maximum fat burning. Let’s say you don’t recover well after exercise, there are steps you can take to improve this. Learning this invaluable information about yourself can enable you to tailor your workout and lifestyle to achieve the results you’re looking for.*

What can I expect when taking the VO2 Test?

At Rawmana Fitness San Diego we conduct this test on a treadmill or stationary bike (cyclists are welcome to bring their own bike and trainer). You will wear a heart-rate monitor as well as a face mask for measuring your oxygen output. You first begin by walking at a nice, comfortable pace and then increase your intensity every minute until you get to a nine out of ten on a perceived exertion scale. We will then conduct a two-minute cool down to see how well you recover after exercise. Your Rawmana Fitness San Diego professional will explain the test results to you and possibly offer ways to increase your VO2 levels.

What should I do with the test results?

Your overall cardiovascular fitness level can be used as a measure of your progress over time. Additionally, the target heart rate zone information you receive from this test can be paired with a heart rate monitor to allow you to more accurately monitor your workouts and how many calories you burn during exercise. Workouts become more efficient, and you can reach higher levels of fitness!*

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