About Us

Not Your Ordinary Gym…

A Place Where FITNESS & CULTURE Intermingle To Create A New Balance.

What Separates Us From Other Facilities?

We are a private training facility in the truest sense of the term. When you are at Rawmana Fitness you are either in a transformation session, getting your body tested or you are training somewhere else.

Our clientele is not a fly-by night clientele. The people who come and train at Rawmana Fitness are looking for one thing: RESULTS.

No matter what your goal is Rawmana provides the tools necessary for the job.* The equipment on the floor is as diverse as our clientele. In one corner you will find traditional dumbbells and Olympic weights. In the other corner you will see grappling ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, etc. And that’s just what the inside portion of our facility consists of.

Walk outside and you will see sledgehammers, tractor tires and fire hoses along with hundreds of rocks weighing anywhere from 50 – 200lbs. Sia calls it “Functional Cardiovascular Training”.