Nutritional Coaching

One on one nutrition coaching involves learning how the science of the body works and how optimal eating can have a dramatic affect on body fat, lean muscle mass, hormonal balance, athletic performance, depression, and disease prevention.*

We will meet once a week either in person or over the phone.  

All nutrition coaching packages include hydrostatic body fat testing, resting metabolic testing and food allergy/gut profile testing/hormone testing(if necessary).

All Nutritional Coaching services include

  • Weekly one on one sessions (in person or over the phone)
  • Customized meal planning (before and after)
  • Hydrostatic body fat testing
  • Resting metabolic testing
  • Circumference measurements
  • Food allergy/gut profile testing/hormone testing (if necessary)

Nutritional Coaching Services:

Weight Loss & Obesity

  • Create individualized food / meal plans
  • Reset the hormone Leptin (“Leptin” is powerful hormone in the body and controls hunger and metabolism. Oftentimes in obese individuals Leptin is not functioning properly, therefore, leading to extremely high hunger levels and a very slow metabolic rate.
  • Enhanced sense of control over food intake as you learn to depend on internal regulators of hunger and fullness*
  • Overcoming Food Triggers*
  • Food Allergy Testing (if necessary)
  • Improve mood and sense of increased well being*

Sports Nutrition:

  • Pre- and Post- Competition Eating: We will discuss how and what to eat before, during, and after competition as well as on the road.
  • Body Fat Reduction: We will discuss your optimal body fat percentage for your sport, how your current eating habits affect your body fat, and what changes need to be made to achieve your goals.*
  • Lean Body Mass Increases: Gaining lean muscles mass is different than gaining overall weight. We will discuss how to change your eating in order to increase your lean body mass while keeping your body fat at an optimal level.*
  • Supplement Use Counseling: Supplements are meant to be just that- supplemental. After reviewing your current eating habits we will discuss different supplemental options that may help you reach your goals.* We will counsel you on safety, efficacy and legality of supplemental use if needed.
  • Injury Rehab: We will discuss what foods you will need to incorporate into your eating habits both before and after your surgery to help you get back to training as quick as possible.*

Prenatal/Post Partum:

Helps women manage their weight and prevent healthy problems during pregnancy*

  • Learn what foods are unsafe during pregnancy*
  • Learn what foods(macronutrients) are most optimal during pregnancy*
  • Gestational Diabetes: customized meal planning to control blood sugar levels during pregnancy* 
  • Reduce weight retention after pregnancy*

Preventative & General Nutrition (Diabetes, High BP, High Cholesterol)

  • Cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention*
  • Cholesterol management and treatment*
  • Pre-diabetes/glucose intolerance*
  • High blood pressure management*
  • Weight Management*

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating:

  • Create individualized food / meal plans when necessary*
  • Identify and reduce eating disorder symptoms*
  • Reduce food and body image distortion, anxiety, and preoccupation*
  • Introduce concepts of intuitive eating and mindful eating to restore awareness of hunger and fullness cues which will improve ability to control food intake*
  • Identify healthy weight goals for weight maintenance, loss or restoration*
  • Shift eating from a structured meal plan to a more flexible, natural eating style that feels safe, healthy, and intuitive*
  • Provide ongoing support for relapse prevention*

Adolescent Obesity and Pediatric Nutrition:

  • Treatment for overweight and underweight children and teens*
  • Prevention of eating disordered/disordered eating
  • Child Feeding issues (picky eater), power struggles around how much, what, and when to eat.*

Natural Food Cleansing Program (3 Week cleansing plan):

  • Eliminate Toxins from the body*
  • Improve Healthy Gut Bacteria*
  • Improve Energy and well being*
  • 3 weeks Customized menu/Shopping list
  • 3 week Customized recipe binder

Individualized Grocery Store Tours:

A 45 minute tour through the grocery store to show tips on how to pick the proper foods for your lifestyle goals.*