A high school friend of mine passed away from a heart attack two weeks shy of her 30th birthday. I ate to numb the pain because I am an emotional eater. However, one day I stopped eating and realized I am 30 years old, 250 lbs, morbidly obese, and I do not want to die […]

Well let me catch you up to about 3 weeks ago, I realized that my weight on the scale has basically FLATLINED! I haven’t been losing weight but I haven’t been gaining either! It was a cause of concern for me cause of all of the hard work I have been doing and even voiced […]

Training with Siaosi @ Rawmana has changed my life. I was never interested in working out with a trainer before because I am an athlete, stubborn, and never thought it would be beneficial. One day in April, I realized that I was 25 pounds over weight, and nothing was working, so I asked Siaosi for […]

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